Corning Credit Union

We are committed to helping our members prosper by being a trusted resource and advisor for financial services.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering quality, convenient, and knowledgeable service to each of our members, in every instance.

Our History

CCU was founded in 1936 with the goal of helping Corning Glass Works employees with their financial needs. We started with 42 members and $420 in assets. Over the years, we've opened offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, in addition to the 10 offices in the Corning/Elmira, New York area. We now serve more than 150,000 members all over the world, with assets under management of $2.1 billion. We have also expanded our field of membership to include more than 1,700 employer groups and associations, as well as businesses.

Our Safety and Soundness

For over a quarter of a century, CCU has experienced strong, safe, and continued growth through a total commitment to serving our members. The integrity of our time-tested, conservative business practices has led us to our current position of strength and will continue to provide a foundation for future growth. CCU has been recognized as one of the strongest financial institutions in the country. We continue to receive top ratings from independent financial rating companies and our independent auditing firm for financial strength, safety, soundness, liquidity, and overall management.

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