Halloween Golf Cart & CCU Homecoming Parade

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October 28, 2023

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Conway Downtown Alive is excited to announce a new twist on one of our favorite Downtown events!  The date for the CCU Homecoming Parade has aligned with our annual Halloween Golf Cart Parade for one “Monster” of a parade in Downtown Conway. The fourth annual Halloween Golf Cart Parade and CCU Homecoming Parade is on Saturday, October 28 at 9 AM in Downtown Conway.  As the CCU Homecoming tradition dictates a 9 AM start, we will adjust the step off time of the Halloween Golf Cart Parade to coincide with Homecoming festivities.  Gather your family, friends and neighbors for a fun morning! Choose a theme, get into costume and decorate a golf cart to celebrate the Halloween season.  The Halloween Golf Cart Parade will begin at the Conway Public Safety Building on 9th Avenue, then continues down 9th Avenue to Laurel Street and follows Laurel Street into Downtown Conway ending at Marina Drive and Elm Street.  Awards will be presented.  Spectators are invited to view the parade along the route, but are reminded to please be mindful of private property. 

Registration closes Monday, October 23. The 2023 event has both competitive and non-competitve categories.  Competitive-We started planning for this right after last year's parade and this will be our year to bring home the prize!  Non-competitive-We put some streamers and balloons on the golf cart and pulled out some old Halloween costumes.  It is free to register for the parade; however, participants must register in advance so Conway Alive can appropriately prepare for the event. 

2023 Halloween Golf Cart Parade Rules

  1. Golf Carts only. 
  2. Advance registration is required.  No walk-ups.
  3. Line-up opens at 7:00 AM at the Conway Public Safety Building at 1600 9th Avenue.  No carts will be permitted to enter the line-up area after 8:30 AM.
  4.  Judging will begin at 8:15 AM.
  5. Parade will step off at 9:00 AM.
  6. Each entry must have a licensed driver 18 years of age or older to operate the golf cart.
  7. The number of entry participants may not exceed the recommended capacity of the cart.
  8. Carts are subject to the SC Code of Law while operating outside of the parade route.
  9. Only golf carts will be permitted in the line-up area.  No trailer drop-offs will be permitted in the line-up area.  If trailering your cart, please park your vehicle and trailer at a public parking lot in the area of Elm Street and 2nd Avenue and then drive your golf cart up Elm Street and 9th Avenue to the parade line-up area.  No vehicle or trailer parking will be permitted in the area surrounding the assembly zone.
  10. All participants must be in costume.
  11. Golf Cart must be at least 50% decorated.
  12. No political signage or political endorsements are permitted.  Carts must be decorated in the spirit of the Halloween Season, family friendly and in good taste.
  13. No animals are permitted to participate in the parade.
  14. To prevent litter in the Historic District, candy may not be thrown.  Entries are encouraged to toss trinkets such as balls, bracelets, beads, frisbees and other small tokens. 
  15.  Failure to comply with the rules will result in immediate removal from the event. 




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